Bigo is an artist who is based in Seoul, S.Korea and primarily interested in cognitive-communication of one’s body and objects. She experiments with the relationship between brain activity, the physique and the living environment. Her artworks suggest the various cognitive changes such as an extension or distortion of a body. Bigo’s inter-disciplinary practice, including performance, video, installation, and printed matter, actively invites the viewers to participate in a movement or attaching artworks inside an exhibition setting.

Bigo completed communication design at Ecole supérieure des beaux-arts (Toulouse, France), and textile study during exchange program at the Escola Massana (Barcelona, Spain). In 2009, She had solo exhibitions “Anti Villain” in the alternative space Noon in Suwon. Over at RAT in Seoul, she hosted the performance “tOOOOOrso” (2016) and a solo presentation over at Vancouver's Centre A entitled “Wish-Washy Bodies” (2017). following that, another solo exhibition "Omni-presence" at One and J. +1 gallery in Seoul, and performance "TRACERS"(2018) and "TRACERS 2"(2020) which are collaborated performance work.  Most recently she presented an online participatory performance TRACERS 2.5.
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