Transpixel Movement Workshop, performance video, 14'46'', 2018

Director: Bigo

Choreographer, performer: Yunkyung Hur

Cinematographer, Editor: Soseong Kim

Transpixel Movement Workshop - Graphic Score, roll printed on fabric, 150cm width, 2018

WISHY-WASHY BODIES, 2017~OMNI-PRESENCE, 2018., 22x30cm, 100p, 2018

Design: WORKS

TRACERS, Participatory performance, 2018

Bigo collaboration with performers and technical director
Performer: Yunkyung Hur, Yeoeun Jeong, Bigo
Technical Director: Kijun Seo
Mediator: Mijoo Park
Graphic Design: WORKS
Cinematography and Editing: Soseong Kim
Photography: Jisol Jeong
Support: Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture

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