Concept, Direction | Bigo
Choreography | Dasoul Chung
Development, Appearance | Dasoul Chung, Daewon Jeong, Yeoeun Jeong
Dramaturgy, Preface | Taehyun Kwon
Production Management | Yewon Seo
Web Design and Development, Technical Direction | Jeonghyo
Video Direction | Sosung Kim
Sound and Broadcast Direction | Taejun Park
Lighting Design | Daewon Jeong
Graphic Design | Subin Choi
Photography | Hyunwoo Cho
English Translation | Amy Kahng
Special thanks to Hochan Park, Myeonghoon Joo 

Support | 
Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
Arts Council Korea
Seoul Metropolitan Government
Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture
Online Media Arts Activity Support Project
How did you get here?
I suppose by following the link in the Instagram bio and clicking the address you received through KakaoTalk through the Facebook timeline, or some of you entered the domain directly into the address bar. As you have all come through different paths, you can also flow freely here. Of course, the person who arrived by touching the screen of the smartphone and the person who came in with the mouse will inevitably have different restricted movements depending on the interface. Inside or outside the screen, through the body or extensions of the body, hand, leg, eye or ear or utilizing other sensory organs. In here, what does the movement mean, from where in the world and what moves? TRACERS 2.5 once again upgrades the fiction of the senses created by TRACERS 2. We superimpose an algorithm box where everything is set and a world where nothing is set. This little window you access is connected to the other world. Your movements are translated and trans
mitted numerous times to the other world. Depending on how you relate to this screen, you will be either an audience or a performer or just function as input. Your movements can be an action that makes a decisive change, and then they can turn into meaningless traffic. You can see colors with your fingertips or touch something with your ears, blending the paths of your senses while turning social distancing into sensory distancing. If we could, would we be able to imagine the world's landscape in a different way? As we believe the sensations are different; by interchanging sight, hearing, and touch; traversing the body and mind; crossing the world on the palm and the world on the sole of the foot; being connected and disconnected over and over again; being in between the hesitant humans and the steadfast machines; and in inference and misunderstanding, what shall you sense anew? (Text | Kwon Taehyun)

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